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Rajat Taheem (Review Enthusiast & Youtube Blogger) :: More than 14 years into Software Industry (viz. Testing, Perf Test, Automation, ALM, Project management, People management, Presales) with major focus on innovations in testing approach (@taheemrajat). Accomplished Bachelor's degree in Information Technology with CGPA of 3.88 off 4.0 (Gold Medalist) with specialization in 'Advanced Computer Architecture' & 'Enterprise Resource Planning'. I have been shopping a lot of stuffs from Flipkart, Amazon, Aliexpress, Snapdeal, shopclues, etc - Having a working knowledge of all the websites along with coupons / deals available. I post them regularly on my Twitter / FB / Whatsapp group.

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For various technical reviews, recommendations, unboxing videos, check out my Youtube Channel. Search for term 'taheemrajat' in google. I have major experience in performance testing of software products including application life cycle management & hence could share quality output in terms of the review. I have also authored various whitepapers on different subjects related to software testing few of which are published on various International Platforms. Traveling to various location across the globe gave me an opportunity to interact with different people & hence difference culture. This further helps me run my Youtube channel.

My experience working with all activities pertaining to Performance Engineering including ‘Requirement Gathering’, ‘Solution-ing’, liaising with various teams for various purposes, test planning, test execution, report preparation, performance issue life cycle, approach preparation, estimations, team setup, lab setup, etc, help me review & recommend various laptops & mobile phones.