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Mi 4a pro 49 inch led smart tv review

Xiaomi redmi 4a pro 49 inch led smart tv review



Mi 4a pro led smart tv :: A big tablet with limited app support, avg picture & voice clarity, and frequent Wifi issues



I majorly use Mi/Redmi devices so believed in this TV

I intended to use this TV for Youtube, Screen Mirroring, gaming consoles, and other TV Apps. I have SonyLiv, Hotstar, Voot, Zee5, etc installed on this TV



  1. Works like a charm – smooth user experience

  2. Has 2 interfaces – Patchwall & normal android loader

  3. One can download few apps & hence enjoy TV without Setup box (next generation)

  4. Works smoothly with USB devices (32 GB) for playing videos like mkv (I have installed VLC media player)

  5. You can optimize TV by deleting junk files & optimizing RAM

  6. Picture quality is great for few youtube videos

  7. Sound quality is fine for a room of 20 feet – no bass effects whatsoever

  8. Can be configured with both Google & Android remote over and above Mi remote

  9. I use keyboard from google remote while typing on the TV

  10. Google Speech recognition works flawlessly

  11. Powers on & powers off within a minute

  12. Bluetooth remote is quite smooth & easy – however seems delicate

  13. It has its own browser – not really chrome




  1. I could not install Jio App or Amazon Prime or Netflix on this device

  2. Red colors are over highlighted

  3. If you try to press multiple buttons or open multiple apps – this device goes crazy

  4. Wifi signal is lost very easily when my other Mi / Redmi devices could find both of my wifi signal strength upto 65% with 100% speed gain. Since I have 2 wifi, it keeps switching between them. I have now ordered a repeater which I would install just near to this TV

  5. I wasn’t able to configure Mi/Redmi devices with it for casting – It castes youtube smoothly but not otherwise

  6. Google Remote & Android remote loses the device quite frequently

  7. Mi remote’s IR sensors are detected by the device

  8. Lot of paid contents are available on patchwall – This app is just for making money

  9. Wow factor is missing

  10. For some reasons other than youtube other apps can not milk 10 mbps connectivity I have – It switches to SD views. On Youtube I can view 1080p videos flawlessly

  11. At times lip sync is lost – either sound or video plays faster comparatively

  12. Installation guy seemed so much in hurry & was so much not interested to install the device – Youtube Video ::

  13. SD channels are pain to watch


Overall I regret purchasing VU device with Mi TV Box combination to make VU device a smart TV.

-Rajat Taheem

(Google / Youtube / Quora / Twitter :: taheemrajat)

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