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Fusion5 4G Tablet Review - My honest review of  Fusion 5 Tablet, RAM, CPU & Screen. Fusion 5 Tablet is available to purchase on &

Fusion5 4G Tablet Review and unboxing video is also available on my youtube channel. Read thro the complete Fusion 5 Tablet review in this article

My honest opinion after a fair usage of the tablet: - Overall ratings :: 4.0 off 5

Why I purchased this tablet? I am youtuber (channel : taheemrajat) & hence I wanted a bigger screen on my tablet to watch my videos, my competitor’s videos & my website. This tablet has a perfect screen-size for my needs. Also since it has sim slots I could use mobile data while working on Youtube.

Pros for me

  1. Screen Size is really awesome. Quite big. In landscape mode, it has some area for holding the tablet, which is perfect. I can view the tablet & work on it smoothly – be it browsing, reading, viewing, etc

  2. Hardware – CPU & RAM - Off 2 GB RAM, 1 GB is available for user activities while 1 GB is used by the system. CPU Installed is MT6735P clocked at 1 GHz – This processor is optimized for tablets & for low battery consumption. Expect delays in games though

  3. Battery life is good. It came with 0.5 mA charger – I used 0.5 mA, 1.0 mA & 2.0 mA to charge it – All worked fine – Charging time slightly improved with 2.0 mA charger but not significantly. Since the processors are optimized for longer run, it gave me half day in single charge for continuous media activities (Youtube / movies) with 50% brightness

  4. Connectivity (USB 2.0 & 3.5 mm jack) – Am not really a fan of Type C connector since it increases the cost of headphones & charger cables. I have lot of 3.5 mm handsfree & 2.0 cables. These worked flawlessly with this product

  5. FM Radio is clear with 3.5 mm handsfree. Perfect gain & no noise

  6. GPS lock was done under a minute

  7. Absolutely No Bloatwares. I repeat! No bloatwares! I was really impressed with it

  8. Wifi signal reception was good. Tested thro ‘Network cell Info’ & ‘SpeedTest’ apps. Was able to stream my youtube videos smoothly in different corners of the house

  9. Sound clarity while talking on Skype, Whatsapp, & normal calls is quite clear. Although the voice transmitted is a bit low for the receiver – No call drops however

  10. Its quite light weight & hence easy to carry around. I also work on it while taking my walk

  11. It has rounded edges & smooth while in hand

  12. OTG works flawlessly – I was able to watch videos (formats like mkv, avi, etc) using a USB 2.0 pendrive. Forwarding & rewinding during playback was quite smooth. HD videos (720p) had no grains – very soothing to eyes

  13. Touches are quite smooth & responsive. I played few light weight games

  14. Stereo speakers make it quite awesome for viewing videos

  15. It has 3 slots – 2 for full sized sim & 1 for SD Card – I used 64 GB SD Card (Ultra high speed) & it worked flawlessly. I was able to test 4G network connection speed on Sim#1


Areas of Improvements

  1. Screen Resolution was expected to be better for bigger screen since this really distorts the HD videos. Youtube plays max of 720p videos

  2. Camera is quite poor in taking pics & videos (grainy). Front Camera is 2 MP & rear is 5 MP – Day light pics are grainy & night pics are not acceptable. Flash of the camera is a joke. Since this was not my primary requirement, it is not my major concern. I does allow voice command for taking pictures but you need to know Chinese for that J

  3. Android version installed on it is 6.0 also it doesn’t update to latest version even though I check it over the air

  4. Positioning of power & volume button is not ergonomic – During normal portrait mode, these buttons get pressed unintentionally

  5. Handling of tablet is bit cumbersome but I believe I was able to use it better over the period of time

  6. Only Sensors available are Accelerometer, Light & Proximity. I expected gyroscope or ecampass also – Due to lack of these sensors I cant play 360 degree videos or use it for navigation using google maps

  7. The only option to talk on this phone is while using stereo speakers at the back or Bluetooth / handsfree



-Rajat Taheem

Review Enthusiast

12.5 years of Industrial IT Experience

(Youtube / Google : taheemrajat)

Fusion5 4G Tablet Review & unboxing including fusion 5 tablet sim card slot, specs, charging. Fusion tablet by taheemrajat

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