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Modern problems need modern solutions

Rajat Taheem

April 26, 2020

During coronavirus lockdown, Desperate to reach home, his ancestral village on the outskirts of Allahabad, Prem Murti Pandey, who works at Mumbai airport, turned into vegetable trader. Bought onion for 2.5 lakhs, hired a truck & hit the road to reach his home town admist absolutely no means of transportation.

On learning that lockdown might go another phase in mumbai, especially the crowded area he stays at, he thought to come up with a modern solution for a modern problem. Azad Nagar in Andheri East is a very congested area and there is a bigger risk there of coronavirus spreading. So the solution was 2 fold.

Considering that government allowed movement of essential goods, this man came up with a plan. He tested his theory with 1300 kilos of watermelon between Nashik & Mumbai. It worked like a pie.

Next be bought 25,520 kilos of onions at Rs 9.10 per kg, shelling out Rs 2.32 lakh, hired a truck for Rs 77,500 and set off on April 20 with the onions on a 1,200-km journey to Allahabad. He reached there on April 23 and headed straight to the Mundera wholesale market on the outskirts of the city. Unfortunately, he couldn't find anyone who would pay cash for the load since the market was already flooded with onions. However he unloaded his truck in his village.

He was honest enough to get hismself tested by medical team as soon as he reached his village & got himself quarantined.

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