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Girl Gets Gifts from birds she feeds

Rajat Taheem

May 8, 2020

A girl gets gifts from birds she feeds - A story of a Seattle girl Gabi Mann. She has saved all the gifts she has received from the birds & stored in a container ranked by her choices. Birds would bring her shiny bracelets, pieces of metals, scrap metals, Lego pieces. Her favorite includes heart shaped bead & a piece of metal with word 'best' on it.

This is a real life story of a girl who actually received little gifts from her little bird friends. Birds would fetch her whatever they could in their beak to thank her for feeding them.

Gabi Mann, a seattle based girl, feeds flock of birds, especially crows, everyday since 2011 when she was just four years old & prone to dropping food. Crows would rush to recover it. Soon it became a routine. She would even drop the lunch food on her way to school to bus stop each day & birds would line up the street to have it.

Later on Gabi setup a birthbath with fresh water & set out food including peanuts, dog food & general leftover from her home. Birds would bring something in their beak & leave it there. Gabi wholeheartedly accepted them as a gift from these birds.

In one of her life's incident she had lost her lens cap of her camera. She was out there taking pictures of an eagle & somehow lost the len's cap. It was later found on the side of her bird bath. One of her bird was watching her, grabbed the lens & brought it back to her place. When she checked the camera installed on the bird feeder she discovered that the bird not only brought her the camera but washed it in the bird bath before placing it safely on the side.

Truly an amazing friendship.

We always find that dogs are loyal to their owners but this is one of the case where birds had a strong friendship with a human.

Hope to come across more such cases.


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