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Donations Gift Cards Google My Business amid Coronavirus Covid19

May 13, 2020

Google My Business is helping local business who got severely affected due to Coronavirus Pandemic by opening up Gift Card links & Donation Links. With this feature, merchants will be able to add a donation link, gift card link or both to their profile along with a personal message in their post to inform customers how funds will be put to use. The links will be displayed on Google My Business profile including search listings and maps. This would hint the customers that the business is going through a rough patch & their contribution can help.
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Google my Business Gift card links let customers purchase gift cards for the listed business. These links can go to a supported provider or a page on website.
Google my Business Donation links send customers to a fundraising page where they can donate to the listed business. These links can only go to a supported provider viz Paypal or GoFundMe
#Corona #Coronavirus #Covid-19

People operate in their daily lives answer questions, get around various locations, find what they’re looking for by google searching it, and shop as needs arise based on various listings & related reviews. These reactions are considered “micro-moments”. Micro-moments alternate the decision mindset of customers including donations & gift-cards. Reviews & donation note plays a vital role for customers to decide on why to donate for the cause.

Nearly 73% of the customers rely on the Google listings & related reviews for making their buying decisions & this positively re-enforces the need to donate. Google obviously is the highest searched engine with over 2-trillion searches per year. Google My Business listings with reviews including mention of industry-specific keywords and/or the name of city or region within the testimonial have higher rankings in Google’s local pack results.

That's where Google My Business came into action to help the local business come back on their charge. Thanks to the 2 features of Google My Business:-
1> Gift Cards
2> Donations

To set up a gift card or donation campaign:-
Step#1 :: Login in to Google My Business.
Step#2 :: Open the location you'd like to manage, if you have more than 1 locations
Step#3 :: From the menu, click the Posts and choose “COVID-19 support.”


Step#2 :: Click “Get support from customers” directly on the Google My Business home page.
Step#3 :: Enter a message to customers and at least one link & Click Post

More Details :

End Notes:-

1> Be personal and positive while raising the funds - Connect with your customers, sympathize on the situation & share your situation
2> Be specific - Communicate what kind of support is really required & how it is going to help you. How is this support (a gift card purchase, a donation, or both) would help your business.
3> Be brief - The ideal length of your message should be between 150 & 300 characters. The maximum character count is 500.

Wishing you luck during this tough times


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