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Coronavirus Pandemic Joblessness turned into opportunity to grow

Rajat Taheem

May 07, 2020

As the locals are coming back home during Coronavirus pandemic amid joblessness, the local body welcomed them with one acre land for free for some time along with free seeds & fertilizers. This would be complemented with drip irrigation for 80000 rs. Join hands to cultivate organic vegetable farming for the project 'Pravassy Jaiva Krishi'.

Kanjikuzhy grama panchayat, Kerala started organic farming in 1994 when it was a start up phase for it making their villagers self-reliant. Today this is the only vegetable-sufficient panchayat in the state lacated on shore of Arabian Sea who won several prizes around the country!

Majority of the farmers here are highly educated & are making rich profits over organic farming. “Every household in Kanjikuzhi grows its own vegetables,” panchayat president MG Raju quoted. The total production crosses 40,000 tonnes of vegetable each year. A special society called Panchayat Development Society buys vegetables from those farmers who want to sell them, door to door.

Organic products in market are growing & its interest amongst customers is increasing day by day. Banking on various reports, this body is trying to cover as much market as possible using the best possible resources. Home returning folks are just making the cause & related reward brighter.

Saplings are grown in greenhouses & given to all farmers for free. Eco-friendly compost is available at subsidized rates. If thats not all, there are volunteers who are ready to hand-hold farmers for environment friendly ways of farming.

Farmers of this society also travel to various places across India to interact with other farmers - to learn & to educate. This not only benefits the entire panchayat but also helps other farmers across the country.

Though the Kanjikuzhi is located on shores of Arabian sea & subjected to soak water, the locals over here have learnt to measure the pH level of the soil for informed farming. This turned an already tourist place into a further attraction.

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