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Cat Brings Sick Kitten To Hospital in Turkey, medics treat the little one

Rajat Taheem

May 01, 2020

Amid the Coronavirus crisis, here's something really cute to cheer you up. A tweet shows how a cat and its baby kitten aptly demonstrates how motherly love is same for everyone. A cat carries its kitten to hospital in its mouth. The medics not only treats the kitten but also takes care of the cat. Mother accompanies the kitten everywhere throughout the hospital procedure. Adorable! Isn't it?

In a heartwarming incident, hospital staff rushed to the aid of a stray mother cat who carried her sick kitten to the hospital all by itself. The images shared by a twitter user shows the cat carrying the little kitten in its mouth into a hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. The Twitter user also shared another post on the same thread with a different set of pictures. It reveals medics helping the cat and her baby. The translated caption of this tweet reads, “Today we were in the emergency room of the hospital, a cat rushed to bring her offspring in her mouth”.

On Reddit, an individual who claimed that they were involved in the incident first-hand wrote, “Mother cat brought a kitten to hospital emergency and we helped it. There was a veterinarian. Kitten is fine and healthy right now”.
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The mother cat reportedly followed her kitten around the hospital while staff was looking after it, never letting it out of her sight. That's how the true motherly love is.

Luckily, the Turkish people are known for their love and respect for stray animals and they provided the cats with the necessary help during this episode. In Turkey, stray cats and dogs are like everyone's pet. You can see food and water for these friends on every corner of the street. Cats are welcome to sleep and live in mosques as well. It's a beautiful place for stray animals.

The Turkish media reports that the medics intervened immediately and checked the kitten for obvious health issues.

“This happened in my hometown with a birthing cat. She had problems and walked up to the hospital and started to meow. They helped her and she is now the pet of the doctor who called the vet,” one Reddit user shared.

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