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Under Cabinet LED Lighting Dimming Touchless Activated Under Counter Light with Direct-Connection 42LEDs 12 inch Strip Light for Kitchen, Closet, Shelf, 16.2W, 1050Lumen, 6500K Cool White -3 Panel
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Under Cabinet LED Lighting

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Under Cabinet LED Lighting

Under Cabinet LED Lighting

Under Cabinet LED Lighting

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UNIQUE DIRECT PLUG IN DESIGN - With this dimmable under cabinet light set you can directly connect(plug in) each light panel and extended from 12 to 36 inch long. This closet light set also comes with patented cross connector to take the place of extension cables to fulfill your need in turning corners like “L” or “T” and shortens light gap and get continuous brightness. 6500K dimmable cool light meets your need in various occasions like living room,working,bookcase, cabinet and workshops
HAND WAVE REMEMRABLE SWITCH - One wave is all it takes to activate or deactivate these LED lights. With the same plug in design our switch will connect to light panels and the CROSS CONNECTOR enables our switch to be installed at the end or in the middle of light bars. No need to wipe your hands and turn a knob on a shelf light remote; simply hold your hand under the sensor to gradually dim. Memorable function will remember the brightness level from last time makes your room more intelligent!
SUPER BRIGHT YET SOFT TO EYES - 6500K Cool white, 3 x 42 LEDs, 3 x 350Lm, CRI >90 gives us super sufficient brightness which is almost as bright as T8 light bars for your kitchen cabinets, garage, shelf area,closets, bathroom and many other dark space.High transparent eye protecting shield provides average & soft light and won’t make your eyes tired easily.When you enjoy yourself in cooking or working, EBD led lighting set will be your considerate partner
INVISIBLE INSTALLATION IN MINUTES - Let’s meet our Ultra Slim led lights which measure only 12 x 0.8 x 0.5 inch. It’s quite easy to hide them making it invisible with their transparent cord and moon white light panel. 45°/180°Metal clips with Screws and 3M Stickers (no damage option) are included for better installation. Easy to install in kitchen, closet, cupboard, shelf, wardrobe, bookcase and auto workshop

Cool white LED on the left, Halogen in the center under Microwave and Warm white LED on the right. In more modern kitchens with lighter countertops and backsplashes, I would recommend to use a cooler color LED, which is closer to what is known as 5000K. This tends to make white look whiter and crisper

An excellent rated life for an LED under cabinet light is around 50,000 hours. Operated for 3 hours per day, that light could last over 45 years. Fluorescent lights usually last longer than xenon lights, but not as long as LEDs.

Cool white is described as a bluey white that delivers a clear and clean glow, with warm white emitting a yellowy glow for a softer and more relaxing warmer tone. ... On the contrary, warm white bulbs are perfect for domestic rooms that wish to create a calming and homely ambience.

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