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Pet Cat Carrier, Soft Sided Small Dog Travel Carriers Bag Airline Approved, Stop Sliding Zipper, Comfortable Ventilation and Safety Design, Black
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Pet Cat Carrier

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Amazon Coupon Code

Amazon Coupon Code USA Today for Pet Cat Carrier

Pet Cat Carrier

Amazon Promo Code for Pet Cat Carrier

Amazon Coupon Code for Pet Cat Carrier

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MULTIFUNCTIONAL & DURABLE - Foldable pet travel bag. Airline approved pet carrier, foldable cat bags, breathable, environmentally friendly, easy to carry and clean, made of Oxford fabric, portable and durable, no longer worry about being bitten by pets, suitable for small and medium sized cats and dogs and other pets
SAFETY & STABILITY - Unlike other pet carrier, our cat carrier adds a thick wire frame at the top to increase stability, thereby eliminating sagging corners or bunched edges. If you accidentally hit a wall or car door while carrying a pet, it will add a layer of protection
EXTENDABLE - The pet cat carrier size is 17.5 "LX 11.5" WX 11.2 "H, the recommended maximum load is 18 pounds (8.46 kg). It is easier to fit into a dog carrier than most other pets because it has top door and 2 side doors, including luggage accessories and car seat belts, handles and adjustable shoulder straps
BONUS & STORAGE - Free random color pet bowl. In addition, padded straps, extra support and thickened upholstered straps will make your journey more comfortable

A cat should feel more comfortable in a soft carrier. It'll be easier for them to sit or lie down, too. ... This is perfect if you're traveling many miles with your cat but don't feel comfortable letting them out. Soft carriers often have paperwork pockets that can make airline travel much easier.

Put a blanket or soft, absorbent towel in the bottom. Place a few of your cat's kibbles or a treat in the carrier. Use a pheromone spray or wipe (such as Feliway) to help calm your cat. Leave the door open and let your cat get comfortable going in and out.

The short answer is that a healthy adult cat will be fine in a carrier on a trip that is under 6 hours. If your trip is longer, you'll want to let your cat out periodically to drink water and use the bathroom.

There is no need to cage a cat. It's cruel. If you are talking about an outdoor enclosure or a jumbo cage with perching features, etc., that is totally fine. Some cats can outside only in an enclosure because it's not safe in their area due to predators of other factors.

Cats can hold their bowels for a while without problems. If she needs to use the litter box, she'll wake you and ask to be let out. As long as you're willing to get up in the middle of the night to open the door, this arrangement works fine.

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