Best Laptop in India to buy from Amazon in 2020 - Best Laptop in India for office, gaming, personal use

Purchasing a laptop is always tricky as one wants to invest into something that really lasts for few years & can handle softwares to do some serious stuffs. I test mostly websites from both server & client side and customer requirements are mostly to understand how well their end-customers stick to their web applications / websites. One of the major factor is the hardware & network connectivity used by the end-customers.

Choose laptop that fits your budget & are value for money. Following the various value for money deals available. Do share your thoughts. Feel free to connect with me for your personal recommendations. Use the form below.

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Best Laptop in India in 2020 for students business gaming personal use etc are as follows:-

Best Laptop in India 2020 from Amazon India (Value for Money deals)


Best laptop in India to buy in 2020 on Amazon - Best Laptop in India 2020 for  gaming personal office laptops 

More RAM & more CPU doesnt really mean performance. AMD & Intel both provide good hardware and both can perform differently but it is never a good idea to generalize a hardware combination for any particular reason. AMD do produce lot of heat but can outperform Intel in video processing. It largely depends on the way softwares are prepared / tested & mend to be operated. Viz. Accessing (website) on Chrome 61.0.3163.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) (cohort: Stable) on AMD A10 would simply freeze while would flawlessly in Intel I5 6th Generation. Does that mean Intel I5 is better? Nah! It simply means that most of the applications are tested considering the most used hardware combinations around the world.

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